Flip the page…

A lot has happened since you all last heard from me. Both good things and bad things.

We got a new dog. At first I wasn’t too keen on the idea, but if I’m being honest, I sort of like having her around. She’s a real calming presence, so my Mom says. Initially I was a little concerned about sharing all of the attention I get, but it turns out that in our house, there is more than enough love to go around. Plus, I’m told pretty often just how special I am, and I believe it. I mean, after all, nobody has a better party trick than I do. No way any new dog could ever top that!

Meet Quinlay!

We’re at the lake for the holiday. It’s cold and clear and the eagle is out hunting. My Mom’s not too happy about the killing, but she knows it’s that whole circle of life thing. She did get a picture of that crazy bird surveying my kingdom.

I was really sorry to hear that some of my favorite tripawds crossed the bridge. According to my Mom, it’s a very sad time when that happens, because it forces her to acknowledge the club we are all in, and she knows that eventually every member, including her, will have to go through it. She says it’s a reminder that we have to live each and every day with purpose and laughter and love and that we absolutely must take nothing for granted.

I’m feeling pretty good, so that’s pretty easy for me right now. I’m even enjoying the snow. It hasn’t slowed me down too much, but I really do hate those miniature snowballs that I get between my toes. Pretty soon though, the lake will warm up and the flowers will bloom, and the whole cycle will start anew. I’ll swim and run and roll in the grass and my Mom will smile and laugh at me and all of my antics. I can’t do all of the fun stuff while it’s cold and snowy outside, but I am making the best of if.  It’s like this saying my Mom told me once, “In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was within me an invincible summer.”~Albert Camus

The other day she told me that never in a million years would she have guessed I’d be around to see 2011. That was one of her sad days, though, and I’m pretty sure she was thinking about all the dogs who didn’t make it to the new year. I understand why that makes her blue, but I’m going to do my best to celebrate, not just for her, but for all the tripawds. I’m going to celebrate for those who fought and those who had courage and for those who bravely continue to do battle. I’m going to rejoice in the memory of those who died and be triumphant for those who live. I’m going to forget sickness and surgeries and remember only the sun and the snow and the water and the waves. I’m going to celebrate life, both for those still with us and for those who are gone.

My Mom says that love never goes away if you always remember it. That’s what I’m going be toasting to tonight at midnight, for sure. Despite everything, I’m lucky in a lot of ways. I have lots to be thankful for, but tonight it’s all about love.

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. ~ Albert Einstein