It’s time to celebrate…

As it turns out, today is actually a pretty big day for me. It seems crazy to celebrate the anniversary of the day they cut off my leg, but we are. My Mom has been accused of being crazy (mainly by my Dad who makes a circling motion with his index finger at the side of his head and says “cuckoo, cuckoo”. My Mom says technically, that motion means she has a screw loose, and is not the motion for crazy, but that seems like a silly argument to me.) I think the whole thing is pretty funny, because when you get right down to it, my Dad really is a crack up. Plus, my Mom knows we only tease her because we love her.
Anyway, the way my Mom sells this whole party thing, is that we aren’t celebrating the day my leg got cut off, we are actually celebrating the day we may have saved my life. When she puts it that way, it really makes a whole bunch more sense.  Some anniversaries aren’t good ones…even I know that. Like the anniversary of the day somebody died. Those for sure are not events we celebrate AT ALL. In fact, those can be pretty sad days for my Mom.
That’s what makes it even more special that we are not turning March 11, 2010, into a bad day. None of us need any more sad anniversaries, but EVERYONE can use a reason to be merry. And the way I see it, if we are celebrating something (anything, really, doesn’t matter what it is), us dogs are bound to get special treatment. More treats, ice cream, bigger dinner, longer walks…the possibilities are endless.  In fact, below there is a super funny picture of me running to my Mom today. Running. Today. Isn’t it awesome, amazing and hysterical all at the same time?!  Just two months ago, I could hardly walk. For the humans, the possibilites seem to include a bottle of wine from our favorite winery (which, by the way, we can walk to from our cabin). Dogs are welcome, for anybody who decides to come and visit us at the lake…
The short story, however, is that I’m still feeling great. I can run like the wind (well, maybe a stiff breeze is more accurate, I’d hate to exaggerate); I can swim like Michael Phelps (this one is true); I can love like I have nothing to lose (which I don’t); and, I can live like there is heaven on Earth (because there is). 

It’s like this saying my Mom has in one of her books, “My strength is as the strength of ten, Because my heart is pure.” Alfred Lord Tennyson
And it is. As pure and true as was ever possible.