Looking ahead, but remembering today…

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In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.” Francis Bacon.

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve checked in, but i suppose that’s a good thing.  We had a pretty bad day today, unfortunately.  Our dog Beau died, and I’m really going to miss him, plus it’s pretty hard on both my Mom and my Dad. We only had him for three years, and he’s one of the ones my Mom rescued from being euthanized, but we sure liked having him around. Even though he couldn’t really walk very well, he was a real character, according to my Mom. But, as my Dad says, in the end, we did right by him, and that extra three years he had was filled with a lot of love.  My Mom says you just can’t put a price on that.

It’s been crazy busy around here with the Summer of Lincoln being in full swing and all. I’m all done with chemotherapy, which evidently is a big thing, but passed me by with no aplomb at all. The one thing I did hear the humans mention is that my chest x-rays are “all clear”….what ever that means. If it leads to me spending more time swimming, then rock on, but otherwise it’s all greek to me.

Also, my three month life saving anniversary passed by with nary a trill. I’m thinking it’s because I had the dreaded appointment at the vet to make sure my lungs were all good. My Mom was pretty uptight, and even though she says she isn’t superstitious, I beg to differ, and am inclined to think that it was like a no hitter in baseball…you don’t dare speak of it while it’s going on, lest you jinx the entire thing. So, despite the fact that it was front and center on everyone’s mind, the day came and went and nobody said a word until after we got the results of the x-rays.  My Mom says we’ll have plenty to celebrate in the future, so missing one isn’t really that big of a deal.

But, the long and the short is that all is going great. As my Mom says (I think she’s trying to convice herself), “All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.”  Julian of Norwich. Despite the fact that I still have the big “C’, and that we are really missing Beau, we just have to believe that, and keep on keeping on.

And by the way, so far, the Summer of Lincoln ROCKS!! I run, I swim, I play, I hang in Man Camp, I go to the winery, I roll in the grass…the list goes on. Just so everyone knows, I don’t do all of that just for me. I do it for my Mom too.  It never ceases to amaze me how somebody can be so tough and so fragile all at the same time.  Even though sometimes I act like a simple dog, I NEVER forget that I have a purpose, especially now, when she really needs me. And no, it’s not just to swim, it’s to remind my Mom that it’s safe and right and brave to live and love with abandon…no matter what tomorrow may bring, we all have to be able to say, with absolute certainty, “I loved them unconditionally and without hesitation, and that love was returned tenfold.” I can say that without a doubt. Can you?

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Author: credocanis

Lincoln is a huge golden who has had one brain surgery, two ACL surgeries, and one rear leg amputation. Yikes.

11 thoughts on “Looking ahead, but remembering today…”

  1. Oh, so sorry, Lincoln and family, about Beau. You can tell he was a character from his pic.

    You are one beautiful, glorious and insightful dog, Lincoln, and those are some stunning photos of you.

    It’s lovely that your mom draws such love and power from you. A lot of us humans are indeed equal parts of fragility and strength. She sounds like a very special lady.You knew what you were doing when you chose her to be your mom.

    Love your blogs. Thank you. Rock on, Lincoln.

    Again, my condolences about losing Beau.

  2. Loved hearing about you, Lincoln! When I’ve time, I’ll read your story from the beginning.

    My condolences to you all in the loss of Beau.

  3. Awww Lincoln,
    Will you give your mom and dad a big hug from me because I’m sure losing Beau was very hard.
    We will make Beau an ‘Honorary Tripawd’ and once a tripawd, always a tripawd, as we say around here! Tripawds carry a special meaning.

    Lincoln, can you erase that “unconditional love” part? I love conditionally and I don’t want my mom to catch wind of that!

    My conditions:
    Peanut Butter Cookies.
    Donuts, at least once every two months.
    My bed needs to be washed once a month.
    A fan to sleep under.
    Car rides to the park twice a week.
    An empty water bottle to crunch every now and then.
    No Monkeybutts living under the same roof. (Okay, I don’t get my way on this one…but I’m working on it!)

    Love the flying Lincoln photo! You should add a cape! SUPER LINCOLN to the rescue!

    Comet, as in the Cool Cat one

  4. lincoln, you are a true wordsmith! so sorry to hear about beau, he looked like he was a very wise man, and i’m sure his time with your family was a blessing to all of you!! i know gayle and jane set the bar very high at our house as well, both are ‘unconditional lovers’ and are true to their ‘dogness’, just like you. keep reminding us to be our best selves!!!!

    charon & gayle

  5. Happy belated ampuversary, Lincoln! And many hugs sent across the miles to you and your family about Beau.
    Continue to have a Summer of Lincoln that totally rocks! We’re celebrating with you here in Chicago!
    Holly, Zuzu and Susan

  6. Hey Lincoln,
    Great picture of you running at the lake! Looks like you all had a fantastic weekend….I can’t wait to come over for your dad’s birthday.

    We’re all so sad about Beau – even Jezebel, I bet – I loved his smiling face. Your mom amazes me, still, every single day

    Aunt Robyn

  7. Lincoln,
    I’m so sorry for your family’s loss with Beau – I bet those 3 years your family spent with him were the best 3 years of his life. He looked like such a sweet boy. I’m sure he will be greatly missed.

    Happy 3 Month Ampuversary to you! That’s so wonderful and so wonderful to hear that your chest x-rays came back clear – whoo hoo!

    And the picture of you jumping in the air – totally rocks! You are definitely a Super Hero in my book!
    So continue to enjoy your Lincoln summer. I bet your Mom will soon find, if she hasn’t already, that “all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.” (Tell her I love that quote and thanks for sharing it!)

  8. Hey Lincoln, we’re so sorry about Beau, he looked like a real sweetheart. And so are you and your folks for giving him a good life for his last three years. I wish more people were as pawesome as your folks.

    It’s so good to see you running, jumping and having a great time! That’s what it’s all about. You’ve got it down, and you’re teaching your pawrents well. Keep it up!

  9. I bet you Beau loved spending three great years with you, look at the smile on his face. Very handsome fella!!

    Congtrats on the clear x-rays and 3 months. You have so much to be thankful for. I have no doubt that you will have a terrific summer and by the way, that’s a really cool picture of you running at the camera, ears a flappin, tonque a wavin and all 3 feets off the ground…yes sir, that’s a very cool picture.

    Shelby, the P.P.

  10. Lincoln, so sorry to hear about Beau. I know he was a good brother to you. Also, I’m sorry I’m a little late to the post. Things have been hectic with my pawrents. But, great news about the met-free lungs. Good for you! You look like a super hero in that one picture — just flyin’. I can hear it now. “Here he comes to save the day. Super Lincoln is on his way.” I hope the Summer of Lincoln is going well.

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