Encore, encore!!

Just when I thought it was all over (The Summer of Lincoln, I mean), here we are, back at the cabin doing everything I love best. Add sunshine as the cherry on top, and you can imagine the weekend we had.

I swam. I rested. I swam. I rested. I chased the ball. I swam. I rested. I chased the ball. I swam. I guess, mainly, I was just me; which was nice. I think it’s nice that nobody really seems to care that I only have three legs. Everyone knows that I’m the same ole’ dog. By the way, Fortis, if you look real close at the rocks, you can see they are covered in goose poo. You’ll be proud to know that I did indeed live up to my nickname (The Big Stink), and I got a real good roll in, just like you and that dead fish. You’da been real proud!!


My Mom, as always, took lots of pictures. One time I jumped in the water just like I used to, before I only had three legs. My Mom cut my head off as she was taking the picture, but she said I took her by surprise, because who knew I was going to act like one of the Flying Wallendas. I caught some serious air on that one. Serious. Air.

At the end of the day, we built a fire and ate dinner outside (this is after we all went to the winery of course). I have a feeling that this may be the last weekend of warm and sunny swimming, but that doesn’t really matter to me. I swim in all seasons. Except winter…the lake freezes over then, and according to my Mom, it’s dangerous to go out on it. Until then, though, this really is my kingdom. Plus, for me, it’s all about attitude. It’s like this saying my Mom told me once, “There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart. Celia Thaxter.”

I think we are all grateful for a lot of things. My Mom and Dad are grateful that I seem to be healthy. We’re all grateful that Kirby is hanging in there and is actually acting pretty saucy, if I dare to say it. She’s eating her cheeseburgers all the time, and even some kibble every now and then. We feel blessed that we have the lake house to come to. My Mom says she doesn’t know what she would do without some time to re-charge her batteries, and sitting by the water, drinking coffee is the best way ever to do that (as long as I’m with her, obviously).  I’m grateful they let me swim whenever I want. I guess we all just feel lucky to have each other. It’s pretty simple, really.

Plus, did I mention the swimming?  



“To know you have enough, is to be rich” Tao Te Ching.

I guess this means we’re rich, because we have each other, and that’s enough for us.