I’m still swimming….

even though it’s October. My Dad found a lake right by our house, and it’s pretty cool, I must admit. Easy access. Not like the rocky shore at the cabin. Not that I’m complaining. My Dad and I have been doing tons of stuff together, because my Mom has been working ALL THE TIME. None of us like it much at all. The other day I heard my Mom tell my Dad that she thinks I like him best now because he and I are always hanging out together. We go to the driving range, and softball, and then afterwards, we’ll stop by the lake to take a dip and I’ll chase the ball for a while. In case you didn’t realize it, we’re athletes. I’m pretty popular at all those places. People LOVE to come pet me and tell me how great I am. With all the extra attention I’m getting these days, including the fact I’m a calendar dog, I am really starting to starting think that I just may be “all that”, like everyone says.

Those are manly, studly, things to do. I like them. Plus, I like hanging with my Dad, even though I miss my Mom.

After I heard her saying that about me not loving her as much, I decided we should spend some time together last weekend. Unfortunately, my Mom had been planning on making candles on Saturday. So, to prove my devotion, I hung out in the candle factory (a.k.a. my Dad’s shop) all day. This, I should mention, is not manly or studly. This is all girly and good smelling and foofy. I did it anyway, though. I figure if Fortis can get away with wearing a gardening hat, I can hang out with my Mom in a boy’s shop, while she makes candles. Sometimes you do things you really don’t want to for people that you care about. It’s like this saying my Mom told me once, “Sacrificing your happiness for the happiness of the one you love, is by far, the truest type of love.” Truth be told, even though I acted like I hated it, it really wasn’t so bad making candles. I figure it’s the least I can do after all she’s done for me.

Tonight my Dad and I have a softball game, where I’ll sit in the dugout and humbly accept attention while people sing my praises. Tonight, especially, I deserve it, because I’ve officially been a tripawd for exactly 7 months today. I’m pretty sure I heard my Dad say we were stopping for ice cream to celebrate.  I’m sort of hoping that we stop for beer…it seems way more macho than ice cream, but I’ll take either one.  I’m really feeling like I’ve managed to turn this whole amputation thing into a pretty good situation for myself.

It makes me realize that when Albert Einstein said, “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity,” he knew what he was talking about. I guess that guy really was no dummy.

Author: credocanis

Lincoln is a huge golden who has had one brain surgery, two ACL surgeries, and one rear leg amputation. Yikes.

13 thoughts on “I’m still swimming….”

  1. Oh, Lincoln. Happy ampuversary. Hope you had a good time at the softball game and enjoyed your ice cream.

  2. happy ampuversary lincoln!! maybe you’ve started a new trend here at tripawds – ice cream and beer!!! just make sure you enjoy it by candlelight!! many more to you big guy!!!

    gayle & charon

  3. You know Lincoln, you and I have a lot in common. We both love to swim, hanging with our Dads, rolling in nasty stuff, drinking beer, the calendar thing, our size, and let us not forget our highly refined skill in the art of milking tripawdism to the max!
    You have some really cool folks Lincoln. They obviously love you very much. I hope you had a great time at the game. My pick…..beer over ice cream every time.

    Happy Ampuversary,


  4. Hoppy 7 month Ampuversary!!!!!

    Enjoy the ice cream and hugs!

    I’ve never had ice cream, make a note to have the chauffeur get me some next time he goes for cheeseburgers and fries!

    Your a very handsome feller and deserve all the hugs and attention you get.

    Your friend from the left coast, Shelby, the P.P.

  5. Happy 7 month Ampuversary, Lincoln!!! Now that is something to really celebrate. I think I’m gonna have some ice cream and my Daddy is going to have some beer. You know – any reason to celebrate. It sounds like you have really cool pawrents, even if your Mom has been working a lot lately. It must have something to do with being a lawyer, because my Dad works all the time too. Maybe you can get your Mom to take you to the office on the weekends like my Daddy does. It’s a lot of fun, but probably not as fun as sittin’ in the dugout gettin’ love 😉

  6. Hello Ginger – I think the dugout is more fun for Lincoln, and since I’m not working at all this weekend, I’m going to work to re-integrate myself with him. Hopefully he’ll forgive me once we get to the cabin!!

  7. Hello P.P. – I always think of you on an anniversary, since I’m pretty sure you are exactly one year ahead of us, so any time we have an anniversary, you are having one too, right? Try some ice cream…I’m sure you’ll love it. I personally prefer beer, but you will probably be glad you stuck with ice cream. Lincoln’s Mom.

  8. Beer wasn’t really an option, Fortis. We made him stick to ice cream and Dad enjoyed the post-game beer. And yes indeed, you do seem to be Lincoln’s tripawd kindred spirit…so much in common. I’m pretty happy we don’t have bat guano here, though. I can only imagine the smell…and that’s almost too much.

    Lincoln’s Mom

  9. Funny you would mention candles…we always have them burning! Not just because I love them, but also….well, to be honest, Lincoln really can be the “Big Stink”. It’s a nickname with meaning. 🙂

    Lincoln’s Mom

  10. Thank you Carmen!! I’m sure he enjoyed it all. Hanging with Dad seems to be top of the list these days. I did get a happy and vocal greeting when I got home early today. I guess he still likes me a little. 🙂


  11. WOoo HOOOOO Lincoln, hoppy ampuversary!

    I’m still poking around outdoors too, it’s still warm here and not snowy at all. Hope it’s this nice when we come to Washington, I can’t wait to meet you. Maybe we can go roll in some poo or something?!

  12. Lincoln you are an amazing Tripawd! Tripawd Warrior or Hero! Your story is so moving that you totally deserve to be the calendar cover dog! Thanks for showing all of us how to live in the moment.

    Hopefully your mom knows that no matter how much time you spend with dad no one can every replace your mom!

    Dillon and Rhys

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