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As Lincoln snoozes after his long and exhausting day, I’ll fill everyone in about our Tripawds Soiree. First off, despite all of the typical weather concerns that abound around here, we ended up with a beautiful, sunny, incredible day in the PNW. The Washington contingent was present in full force complimented by Rene, Jim, and Wyatt, our respected, revered, and beloved Tripawd leaders.

Yes, that is, in fact, Lincoln’s paw over his head. He obviously feels strongly we turn the lights out at, um, yes, it’s 5:09 p.m.

Anyway, we had a great time and have the photographic proof to prove it. Check it out. Of course we wish there could a tripawds party where everyone from everywhere could be together, but for now, we’ll have to live with this. Today was pretty great though, despite everyone who couldn’t be there.

Captain Jack made it, courtesy of his Mom
Here is of my favorite subjects. He's so photogenic.
Handsome, isn't he?!
Julian is pretty handsome too, I think!
Wyatt...he's pretty handsome too. They made it easy on the photographer!
Captain Jack's Mom says hello to James.
Lincoln gets his Tripawds bandanna from Rene.
James and his Mom, Nancy, before they had to run off to the agility competition.

We had a great time seeing everyone again and especially meeting Rene, Jim, and Wyatt. We were so glad to meet Laura and are so sorry that we didn’t get to meet Jack before he left (he was still there, though, in more than spirit).  Spirit JD’s Mom was with us too, thank goodness. She is such an amazing person and we’re happy to hear that she may be looking for a new canine family member. Yippee for some lucky dog.

So, this is pretty much how our night has ended. I did confess that I’m pretty sure this wine is no longer available at the local Fred Meyer because of my family. This is it. Our last bottle of the Three-Legged Red. Fortunately, we have our own version of a “three-legged red”…he’s just not available for consumption. And this, see, below, this is how our three-legged red closed out his night.

Goodnight everyone…thanks for the super fantastic day!

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