Tripawds everywhere…

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As Lincoln snoozes after his long and exhausting day, I’ll fill everyone in about our Tripawds Soiree. First off, despite all of the typical weather concerns that abound around here, we ended up with a beautiful, sunny, incredible day in the PNW. The Washington contingent was present in full force complimented by Rene, Jim, and Wyatt, our respected, revered, and beloved Tripawd leaders.

Yes, that is, in fact, Lincoln’s paw over his head. He obviously feels strongly we turn the lights out at, um, yes, it’s 5:09 p.m.

Anyway, we had a great time and have the photographic proof to prove it. Check it out. Of course we wish there could a tripawds party where everyone from everywhere could be together, but for now, we’ll have to live with this. Today was pretty great though, despite everyone who couldn’t be there.

Captain Jack made it, courtesy of his Mom
Here is of my favorite subjects. He's so photogenic.
Handsome, isn't he?!
Julian is pretty handsome too, I think!
Wyatt...he's pretty handsome too. They made it easy on the photographer!
Captain Jack's Mom says hello to James.
Lincoln gets his Tripawds bandanna from Rene.
James and his Mom, Nancy, before they had to run off to the agility competition.

We had a great time seeing everyone again and especially meeting Rene, Jim, and Wyatt. We were so glad to meet Laura and are so sorry that we didn’t get to meet Jack before he left (he was still there, though, in more than spirit).  Spirit JD’s Mom was with us too, thank goodness. She is such an amazing person and we’re happy to hear that she may be looking for a new canine family member. Yippee for some lucky dog.

So, this is pretty much how our night has ended. I did confess that I’m pretty sure this wine is no longer available at the local Fred Meyer because of my family. This is it. Our last bottle of the Three-Legged Red. Fortunately, we have our own version of a “three-legged red”…he’s just not available for consumption. And this, see, below, this is how our three-legged red closed out his night.

Goodnight everyone…thanks for the super fantastic day!

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Author: credocanis

Lincoln is a huge golden who has had one brain surgery, two ACL surgeries, and one rear leg amputation. Yikes.

14 thoughts on “Tripawds everywhere…”

  1. Sounds like Lincoln had a tripawd pawsome day!!! You were very lucky to have good weather because just down the coast from you in nor cal, it rained ALL DAY!!!

    Lincoln is such a cutie!!!

    -Chloe’s mom

  2. Your photos are great! It was an awesome day with great weather and great dogs. Julian is also passed out (snoring) at 6:30 pm. He got to meet so many new friends; I’m sure he is in doggie Nirvana.


  3. Pawesome photos indeed, but you and Sammy’s mom are making us look bad… give us a week or so and we’ll catch up!

    Wyatt is also tuckered out. It was a pleasure meeting you all!

  4. It was a BLAST! Wish we could have stayed for the um….actual walk, lol. Glad to have met everybody!

    <3 Laura

  5. Rhonda you are a photographer extrodinaire!! All of your pictures are so beautiful, just like your subjects.

    It was a gorgeous crisp fall day and all the pups were in fine form and so well represented Tripawds. One of my favorie parts of the day was watching Wyatt Ray and Julian, each trying to see who could get the others head in their mouths. Wrestling and rolling. What a crackup as these teenage boys played in full puppy glory.

    Thanks Rhonda for your adoption advice, and for sharing stories of your rescues and the wonderful lives those dogs had because of your giving spirit.

    Sleep well sweet Lincoln
    Your friend
    Spirit JD’s mom

  6. What great pictures and what a great time it sounds like you all had! Sorry Rhonda to hear that your 3 Legged Red is no longer in stock. But your other 3 Legged Red sure is a keeper! Thanks for sharing your time together. Maybe one of these days we’ll all be able to meet for an extended tripawd pawty. Wouldn’t that be so great?!

  7. Awesome, Pawsome Lincoln’s mom!

    Looks like it was a great pawty! The pics are, as always – super duper, triple scooper with a cherry on top!

    Wished I could have been there to help Wyatt scare everyone!

    Oh yea…
    Hey, Lincoln. I see you are in fine form but you are still “Stinkypants”! Bwahahahaaa! Take that!

    -CC Comet

  8. It is official Rhonda, Sammy loves your whole family! It was a great day and your fun personality just brought the best out of dogs and people alike.
    Awesome photos, I love all the pictures, but I am really partial to Sammy’s. My first action photo of Sammy with the wind in his hair, LOVE IT!
    I look forward to our next get together, whenever that is. Sammy really does love Lincoln. I think he gets comfort from his calmness. Sammy came home and passed out and has stayed that way all night. Sleep well Licoln, you sure are a joy to be around.
    Elizabeth and Sammy

  9. Tripawds everywhere indeed! Stunning weather, stunning crowd, stunning photos.

    Nice poses, Lincoln! Love the close-the-shutters and turn-off-the-lights pic.

    Well done everyone.

  10. What a wonderful day had by all! Thanks for sharing Rhonda. The photos were great.

    Brett and Fortis

  11. We sure had fun! Can you believe that it didn’t rain on us. We had warm sunshine, great friends, and awesome dogs!!!!! I bet Julian and Wyatt were tuckered out after all that rolling around and playing.

    Thanks everyone for a great day.

    Nancy and JAMES the poodle and the rest of James’ pack

  12. Rhonda,
    The third picture looks magical. For a non professional, anyway, the light looks perfect. I love it. Which friend is that?

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