No mets at my party…but I did have an unwelcome guest.

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Today is my 8 month life-saving anniversary, and I found out yesterday, there isn’t a lung met in sight. I had to have a CT, not just x-rays, because of my “history”, whatever that means. I’ll tell you one thing, it means you don’t get fed in the morning, and by now, I’m on to that trick. If I don’t get breakfast, I just head straight out to the car, because I surely know what’s coming – back to the people with too many letters after their names.

Here is what my discharge papers say regarding my lungs, “The metastasis check was clear so there is no evidence at this time of osteosarcoma. Or of other neoplasia that has spread to his lungs.” We were all pretty happy to hear that no mets showed up at my party. (We got that line from Sammy and think it’s pretty funny)! Plus, since the CT is like an x-ray on crack, it means I don’t have to go back for a while. Whew.

Now, onto the uninvited party crasher. While I was knocked out, part of what they did was an MRI on my brain (I couldn’t let Ginger’s Mom have all the fun…I never did find out if they took her skull too, hmmm).  Evidently the MRI showed that my brain tumor was starting to grow again. Here is what they had to say about that, “Following the administration of contrast, there are three distinct areas of contrast enhancement of the left forebrain and contrast enhancement of the flax cerebri. The largest portion of the contrast enhancing areas of the brain is approximately 1 cm in diameter”.

In dog terms and not doc terms, that means it’s really, really small. I heard my Mom ask about surgery, and the vet said that we should be more worried about the cancer than the tumor. WHAT? That seems odd to me since they didn’t find any cancer, but my Mom says that just a great indicator as to how small that stupid tumor is and it’s a positive comment on how slowly it’s growing. The vet said I could just as easily die of old age than from any of my diseases.

P.S. I have a birthday coming up this month, just so everyone knows. I’ll be nine. The vet says I’m officially a “senior” dog. SERIOUSLY? My Mom says you’re only as old as you feel, and I still feel great, so I’m going to ignore the geriatric jokes that are coming my way all of a sudden.

Even though my tumor is back, my Mom says we’ll keep living life to the fullest and make sure that we make the most of every single day. I’m glad to hear her talk like that, for sure, because before I came along, there is no way she would have been so positive. I’m telling you, my Mom and I were brought together for a reason, and I’m sure glad she is the one who rescued me from the pound that day. Even with all the bad things that have gone on in my life, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Everything that is happening to me sort of reminds me of this one saying, “Living is strife and torment, disappointment and love and sacrifice, golden sunsets and black storms. I said that some time ago, and today I do not think I would add one word.” – Sir Laurence Olivier

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Author: credocanis

Lincoln is a huge golden who has had one brain surgery, two ACL surgeries, and one rear leg amputation. Yikes.

18 thoughts on “No mets at my party…but I did have an unwelcome guest.”

  1. Long day yesterday for all of us, while you’re soaking up the love with the specialists who love you so much….

    Love you, big stink. 🙂

  2. Yay, Lincoln! We’re so glad that your lungs are clear… we’re going to demand some cheese and ice cream and maybe even tripe from mom to celebrate!!! And good news too that the tumor is so small that the doc isn’t worried about it. Lots of reason to celebrate! And happy birthday, too! My 9th birthday is next month – so I think we should celebrate every day from your birthday until mine. We’ll need lots of Gayle naps, in addition to the cheese and ice cream.
    Holly and Zuzu
    PS – mom found this quote on her tea bag this morning… Those who live in the past limit their future. We really liked that one! Who needs 4 legs?

  3. That’s a good one, Holly, and it sure is true. I don’t even remember the days when my name was Hilo and my people were mean. I’m in the future all the way, baby!! Love, Stinkypants

  4. Lincoln Stinkypants,

    You know I’m not a dog that holds grudges because I’m “sweet” that way. In light of this news, I have decided that you are a stinkypants because of “medical reasons”. And here I thought fame went to your head BUT no, it was a stooopid tumor!

    So, I’m going to overlook all of your stinkypants ways! Again, because I’m “sweet” that way. I say Tumor Schumor!!!

    And let me be the first to shake your paw with my gimpy ‘always in a hand shake position’ paw on being cancer free!

    However, I’m not dropping the “Stinkypants” name. I’m not that “sweet”!

    Cool Cat and very Cute
    – Comet

    Oh, I found this saying for you:

    If you’re sliding on a slide,
    And you feel something glide,
    You are a Stinkypants!

  5. Yay for no mets!!! Chloe will be 10 in a few months, so we don’t think 9 is old either!!!!

    -Chloe’s mom

    P.S. and we both think you have a wonderful mommy too!

  6. Very pleased here that the nasty cancer mets didn’t crash your party.

    Being – ahem – a “geriatric dog” could have its benefits – get your mom to check out the possibility of seniors’ discounts for food and pet paraphernalia and vet visits. Worth a try.

    Keep on living life to the fullest, Lincoln. And yes, I agree. The universe brought you and your mom together for a very good reason.

  7. Lincoln, you truly are an amazing soul! You go dude! Nah, 9 years isn’t old! You’re only as old as you feel, right?! Mom tells me I’m almost 11…heck, I don’t feel that old!

    Keep on, keepin’ on Lincoln…you ROCK!


  8. geesh, what’s with all this senior sh*t?????????? you look like a pup to me!! i’ll be eleven in january, and we think this whole ‘base ten number system’ is for the birds!! so wonderful to know the mets miss another party – and sounds like the party trick head just bears a little watching.

    ice cream and cheese for everybody, and i declare November to be officially ‘take a nap with lincoln month’!!!!!


  9. Hey Lincoln,

    Take it from me! Nine is still a youngster!!!! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Ampuversary to you! Happy Calendar Rock Star too! I think you should have been Mr. November since November is YOUR month.

    Glad mets didn’t come to your pawty either!! Funny that they are more worried about the cancer than the tumor.

    You have the best Mom. She is so positive and gives good scratches too. Can’t wait to see you again.

    JAMES the poodle

  10. Woo Hoo for no lung mets. That is great, especially after 8 months. We are sorry about that dumb old tumor coming back, but at least it is so small and not really growing. That means you will live a long, happy life with your wonderful Mom.

    Thanks for thinking about my Mommy. Yes, they took a 4 cm square piece of her skull away, and they kept it. I always told my Mom that she needed this surgery like she needed a hole in her head, but who knew – that is exactly what she needed. We have high hopes for her recovery.

    By the way, 9 is NOT old. It is just experienced.

  11. Stinkypants?? I was going to call you Lincoln Superhero! You have once again defied all odds and make us really proud that no mets came to the party and all you have is a little bump on your head that may need to be watched now and again. Great news Lincoln!!! Whoo hoo!!

    And what’s this BS about being a senior at 9? You can be rest assured Lincoln that we won’t be sending any geriatric jokes your way (at least not until your birthday.) We’ll keep thinking of you as our young golden super hero – you rock stinkypants!
    Kami, Mackenzie & Kobe

  12. YaY to my BFF Licoln! We are the same age, did you know that? Just another reason to be your best friend 🙂
    I am glad Mets didn’t show up for your party either, he sounds like he is a serious party pooper. We should ban him from all party invites!
    I don’t know why they call you Stinkypants…. I love the way you smell! Do you remember last week when I sat down next to you and kept sticking my nose on you? You smell the best!
    Your mom is awesome, you were really lucky she found you. You guys were meant to be together. Is the tumor in your head cancerous? I am glad the doctors aren’t worried about it, and I am glad your mom is in a Zen place.
    Tell her I said hello and give her a big hug from me. There is nothing like mom hugs, she gives good ones!
    Maybe the next time we get together my mom will bring a ball too and we can hang out and play ball together?
    your BFF, Sammy

  13. Rhonda,

    This is fantastic news. No mets………………….squeaky clean lungs! I know there is that bump thing but I can’t imagine a more encouraging statement by a vet. This is definitely worth celebrating. We are so looking forward to many more wonderfully magical “summers of Lincoln.” You guys are awesome.

    Fortis and Dad

  14. Congrats on no mets! That is soooo cool! Lincoln you are a star!!

    I know what you mean about bad stuff in the past. My dad told a people doctor once that, if it wasn’t for all the bad stuff that happened to me, I wouldn’t be here today. The doctor said, that was to high of a price, dad said,don’t know, that’s for each of us to determine.

    My dad changed my name from Sherry to Shelby, he said bad things had happened to Sherry and now all the bad things were behind me.

    I am so happy that you and your mom are together. Love is very special, but Mom love, is incredible.

    You guys take care of each other, your friend, Shelby, the P.P.

  15. Way to go Lincoln! You are really handsome. I don’t think you look old at all. If Comet thinks you are a stinkypants, I think you must smell like roses. Keep on schwimming Lincoln! Spirit Opie’s little sister Mattie.

    PS. Comet is smelly.

  16. Lincoln! You are the sweetest. I think it is awesome that you are 9. It means you are a survivor. Indi turns 9 in April, and my goal is to see her birthday with her. Senior Tripawds rule! Oh, and tell your aunt Robin that the family with the Aussie Shepherd ended up keeping her 🙂

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